Executive Board

Ophelia Binkley-Webb, President

Ms. Binkley-Webb is a college professor who teaches psychology and college success courses. She has also taught college level English and communication courses. She has several years of experience working for non-profit and state social service agencies. Ms. Binkley-Webb holds a bachelor’s degree with dual majors in psychology and social work from Houston Baptist University, a Master of Arts in psychology from Texas Southern University, and a Master of Liberal Arts from Houston Baptist University. She is currently working toward a Doctor of Education  in community care and counseling with an emphasis in traumatology at Liberty University.

Ms. Binkley-Webb is active in her local church congregation where she teaches Sunday school/Bible study. She has felt called to help in the fight against human trafficking/modern day slavery for almost three decades. 

Many years ago, I saw a posting for a position with the first FBI human trafficking division. I was disturbed because I had not realized beforehand that this modern-day slavery existed, so I applied. However, at the time, my sons were young, and I was hesitant, so I withdrew my application. In 2013, my youngest son married and moved out. Afterwards, God said to me, “Your sons are grown and gone.” I knew, in that moment, that it was time. I worked to put together a group of like-minded people, and the Restoration Life Project was created.

Ilesa Daniels-Ross, Vice-President

Ms. Daniels holds a Bachelor of Science degree in sociology and has over 25 years of service in social and public work.

As a Christian, I believe that God calls us out of our comfort zones to help those in need. When I heard about the Restoration Life Project, I decided to get involved because it was out of my comfort zone. In my boldness to step out, I am determined to make a difference.

Michelle Le’Roy, Correspondent Secretary

Ms. Le’Roy is a minister at Word Temple of Praise Church in Houston, Texas and a mental health professional. She holds a master’s degree in counseling with an emphasis in crisis and trauma from Liberty University and a Bachelor of Science in human services from Springfield College. Ms. Le’Roy currently work as a mental health professional, serving diverse clients in age and culture. Her true passion is working with survivors of trafficking, the adolescent population, and seniors.

I have personally witnessed the trauma inflicted upon human trafficking survivors as well as the damage it does a survivor’s family. It is my prayer that as Christians we are able to complete the work Christ has called us to do. This is loving our neighbor as ourselves which is one of the greatest commandments and not turning a blind eye to those in need.

Denise Siverand, Recording Secretary

Mrs. Siverand works behind the scenes administratively, hoping to make a difference. She earned an Associate in Applied Science in business management from Houston Community College and attended the University of Houston. Mrs. Siverand has worked in the business world for over 30 years, serving as an office coordinator, executive assistant, and administrative assistant.

Our society is becoming more and more wicked. My reason for joining RLP is to help in any way that I can by applying what I have learned in the business world.

Stacy Walker, Parliamentarian

Mrs. Walker has been a professor of psychology for over 20 years. She has management and research experience in the areas of intellectual disability, research and statistics, child development and psychological disorder diagnosis and referral.

Professor Walker currently serves as facilitator for the nationally known Great Teaching Seminar, the ‘Work of Formation’ Retreat Series (Center for Renewal and Wholeness in Higher Education) and for ‘StrengthsQuest’, a professional development team-building training. She also serves on several committees in her local school district including Discipline Philosophy, Advanced Academics Parent Advisory, District Parent Advisory and serves as a board member on several PTO and Band Parent Groups.

Professor Walker is often called upon to give presentations in the community. Her presentations have included the topics of brain and behavior, stress management, mental illness, self-care, and issues in lifespan development and chemical dependency. She is a published textbook author and is currently creating a parenting curriculum and writing a book on parenting the gifted child.

Professor Walker is happily married to her husband of twenty plus years and the busy mother of two talented, gifted boys who are 15 and 12. She finds great pleasure in educating others and utilizes her platform in RLP and other organizations to, not only educate, but empower as well.

Tressie Y. Berry, Vice Parliamentarian

Ms. Berry  has resided in the Houston area all her life.  She is presently employed as an elementary educator and is passionate about mentoring and helping students from all walks of life. She is a graduate of Texas Southern University and Prairie View A&M University. Ms. Berry has 2 sons and enjoys serving others, helping others learn to love reading and traveling. 

David Gunter, Treasurer

Mr. Gunter is a highly motivated and resourceful leader with a reputation for integrity and the ability to achieve exceptional results offering strong analytical skills, combined with extensive financial and programmatic knowledge of financial reporting. Mr. Gunter has implemented change management strategies in several organizations which resulted in streamlined and efficient processes in finance and accounting.