Ophelia Binkley-Webb – President

I am a college professor who teaches Psychology, English, and College Success courses. I have several years of experience working for non-profit and state social service agencies. I have a bachelor’s degree with dual majors in Psychology and Social work from Houston Baptist University, a Master of Arts degree in Psychology from Texas Southern University, and a Master of Liberal Arts degree from Houston Baptist University. I am currently working toward my Doctor of Education degree in Community Care and Counseling with an emphasis in Traumatology at Liberty University – Online.

Many years ago, I saw a posting for a position with the first FBI human trafficking division. I was disturbed because I had not realized beforehand that this modern-day slavery existed, so I applied. However, at the time, my sons were young, and I was hesitant, so I withdrew my application. In 2013, my youngest son married and moved out. Afterwards, God said to me, “Your sons are grown and gone.” I knew, in that moment, that it was time. I worked to put together a group of like-minded people, and the Restoration Life Project was created.

Ilesa Daniels-Ross – Vice-President

I have a Bachelor of Science degree in Sociology and over 25 years of service in social and public work. As a Christian, I believe that God calls us out of our comfort zones to help those in need. When I heard about the Restoration Life Project, I decided to get involved because it was out of my comfort zone. In my boldness to step out, I am determined to make a difference.

Michelle LeRoy – Correspondent Secretary

Denise Siverand – Recording Secretary

Stacy Walker, Parliamentarian

Tressie Berry, Vice Parliamentarian

David Gunter, Treasurer

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